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Data is in our DNA. We deliver consultancy & technology solutions in the area of Information Management.
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New Infocura website

Internal event in Kasteel van Horst with guest speakers from our partners IBM and Red Hat.

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IBM outstanding data & ai solution

Great news! Infocura will partner with Red Hat. Hans Fonteyn has already obtained four Red Hat accreditations for this purpose. Congrats!

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The first part of our name, INFO, stands for "information". Organizations acquire, collect, analyze, model, classify, verify, cleanse, transform, enhance, process, govern, distribute and archive information on a daily base. They rely on information for discussing, measuring, decision-making, marketing and selling. Information is of the utmost importance to an organization: it is its "lifeblood".

The second part of our name, CURA, is the Latin word for "care". We care for your information and want to assist our clients to effectively understand, operate, leverage, harness and access this information.
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Information management
License management
IMAAS - Information Management as a Service
DSAM - Daily Support and Maintenance
AMAAS - Application Management as a Service

Why select us

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We invest in long term relationships with our employees and clients. Continuously performing interesting projects and challenging missions to assist our clients is our ambition.
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Maintaining deep technical skills with emerging technologies will always remain our biggest
added value to our clients
and employees. Education, collaboration and focus are
our best differentiators.
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9 to 5 mentality is not what we offer our clients or demand from our employees. Ownership, flexibility and commitment are the values we embrace deeply.

Behind the scenes

Hans Minseur
Hans Miseur
Chief Executive Officer
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Hans Fonteyn
Hans Fonteyn
Technical Coördination
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Annelies Magits
Annelies Magits
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Els Wierinckx
Els Wierinckx
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Luc Vandaele
Luc Vandaele
Competence Center:
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Kurt Struyf
Kurt Struyf
Competence Center:
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