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Then we offer the service you are looking for: IMaaS

Infocura’s IMaaS service provides the best possible service for every aspect of managed database administration services. It allows our customers to focus on their core competencies while ensuring the DBMS remains healthy and performant in a cost effective manner. Infocura has a team of Certified Database Administrators which together have decades of database experience. These DBA’s are available to help on an "on-Demand" or "as scheduled” base, depending on your request. 


IMAAS bundels

Infocura's IMaaS is available in pre-defined packages (see table below). These packages can be tailored on demand for the customer and his specific situation. Examples of possible tasks: 


  • Audit of existing backup and recovery procedures and schedules 
  • Audit / Health check of the current installation 
Performance tuning /monitoring 
  • Configuration problem determination (DBM and DB parameters, buffer pool sizing and tuning, tablespace design, ..) 
  • Identification of necessity to REORG tables 
  • Identification of long running queries 
  • Follow-up of open issues 
  • Resolution of "non-structural and/or sporadic" issues 


  • Implementation of backup and recovery procedures and schedules 
  • Audit / Manage security aspects (users, roles, privileges) 
  • Installation / Implementation of missing PTF and Fix packs 
Performance tuning /monitoring 
  • Workload analysis and solution proposals for top 10 consumers 
  • Explanation / Optimization of Access Plans 
  • Applicative troubleshooting 
  • Impact analysis of planned modifications and/or migrations 
  • Setup and configuration of new DBMS instances and/or databases 
  • In-house support for system DBAs 
  • In-house support for application DBAs 


  • Installation / Upgrade of DBMS versions 
  • Installation / Upgrade of DBMS tools 
  • Contacts with LABs in case of bugs/workarounds 
Performance tuning /monitoring 
  • Workload analysis and solution proposals for optimization 
  • Buffer pool tuning 
  • Tablespace design / implementation / tuning 
  • Database modeling & design 
  • Capacity planning 
  • Design DB clustering / Partitioning 
  • Database helpdesk 
  • Assistance during modifications and/or migrations 
  • Audit of database constraints & integrity (on applicative level) 
  • Training / Education / Mentorship 
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