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Daily Support And Maintenance

Deep technical skills are more and more needed to support the current client environments while resources become harder to find. 

Organisations face many challenges in delivering a stable, efficient database infrastructure. Budget pressures, demands for higher availability and increasing workloads can all mean that pressure is building on database support staff. 

Take the pressure off with DSAM from Infocura. We provide the highest level of stability for business critical operations. Our clients receive a superior level of personalised care from highly experienced technical professionals. 

With DSAM you can be assured of a proven, stable and secure process for the cost-effective management of all components of your DB2 infrastructure. 


DSAM is a remote DB2 support service designed to provide the highest level of stability for business operations on premise or in the cloud. 

Daily support and maintenance of the client production environment. 

Monitoring environment health and fixing potential issues. 

The DSAM team will ensure constant monitoring and reduce production outages. 

The current supported IBM technologies are Infosphere (Guardium, IIDR, Datastage), BPM, Datacap and Db2. 
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